SAMURAI CUT is a philanthropic fashion brand established in Tokyo.🏯 🇯🇵
We asked ourselves the question: what if we were as obsessive about how to solve the world’s problems as what we choose to wear?
At SAMURAI CUT, 10% of all sales will be donated to a humanitarian organization that you CHOOSE at checkout and we custom MARK on your shirt. Together, we can make the world a more peaceful place for all.
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We started SAMURAI CUT with the vision that empathy can cross boundaries. Our tagline, “We Cut, We Bleed,” represents the universal nature of our struggles. “Bleed” not only alludes to physical wounds but also the emotional pain that human beings share worldwide.🤕 👉🏾 🩹 🤍 👉🏿 🌎
Our ultimate goal is for our customers to feel closer to the world around them so they too can become active participants toward achieving global peace.


We know there are other ethical fashion brands out there that donate to charity. But we’re the only ones where you take charge. We work with several different non-profit organizations so that you get to choose where to make your donation. Just as you are deliberate about your fashion choices, we hope that you will spend a moment to think about the causes that your donation will support. What problem will you tackle today? SAMURAI CUT will tackle global issues by synergy of Fashion and Charity. Global issues, that we need to take hands and unite globally. Especially, we focus on 4 categories, Pollution, Natural Disaster, Education crises, Medical crisis.
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We think you should be proud of having made the world a better place. All orders on SAMURAI CUT will be custom embroidered with a world map with two dots: one for where you ordered, and one for the cause you donated to.🌏 🌍 🌎